Fitness classes have long been not just a fashionable trend, but a real way of life. Millions of active people around the world spend their free time in gyms, on treadmills, in swimming pools, losing sweat and extra pounds. Regular sports activities will help you implement your plans, give you the opportunity to live a full life and feel happiness from your own achievements.

Fitness is a very popular type of physical activity recently. The goal of fitness classes is to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance, to improve your health and keep yourself in good physical shape. active lifestyle; training system and a particular way of life that ensures good health and a positive Outlook on the world; years of experience embodied in specially designed training programs, absolutely safe, designed specifically for the maintenance and strengthening of health; a philosophy of life that helps man to know himself, his personality, to achieve harmony, inner peace, and to learn positive attitude to external world; a great way of extending the youth

Fitness is a phenomenon for which you must find a place in your life, because it is not just a sport, it is a healthy lifestyle. And the main thing that many women go to the gym for is a slim and beautiful figure.

If you go deeper into the theory of what fitness is, it turns out that it is a whole science that studies the mechanisms of motor activity and its impact on the human body.

The proposed leg training program can be used by both beginners and experienced athletes - it all depends on what weight of weights you will use. If you have a small training experience, it is better to start working with a small weight and then gradually increase it. If you feel that you are already ready to conquer the heights of bodybuilding, you can safely increase the load

LOW BODY refers to the strength lessons of group programs aimed at training the muscles of the thighs and buttocks using various equipment, based on classic exercises, allows you to tighten the muscles, make them stronger and more resilient